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Proposal - 45 Patrick Street, Belmont NorthSelling with Les JarvisSelling with Jesse Rowbottom Selling with Mark LongworthSelling with Emma Simpson Selling with Chris Rowbottom Selling with Chris Rowbottom and Lance Jensen Selling with Lance JensenSelling with Jesse Rowbottom and Lance Jensen Selling with Lance Jensen and Jesse RowbottomSelling with Lance Jensen and Chris Rowbottom Selling with Chris Rowbottom and Emma SimpsonSelling with Emma Simpson and Chris Rowbottom4/41 Walter Street, Belmont 178 Dudley Road, Whitebridge24/1A Kalaroo Road, Redhead26 Marks Parade, Marks Point27 Beach Road, Redhead12 Haddon Crescent, Marks Point3/15 Tallawalla Road, Valentine8 Fifth Street, Gateway Lifestyle Park, Belmont2/10 Hillview Crescent, The Hill3/724 Pacific Highway, Belmont South12 The Shores Way, Belmont722 Pacific Highway, Belmont South26 Mirambeena Street, Belmont North1/3 Werona Crescent, Valentine 26 Forest Owl Crescent, Murrays beach 112/5 Tudor Street, Newcastle West 20 Dilkera Ave Valentine 2a-2b Alexander Street Mount Hutton18 Docker St, Marks Point 31 Yerambla Close Eleebana 408/11 Ernest Street Belmont104A/1a Kalaroo Road, Lifestyle Villagers, Redhead15A Outlook Close Mount Hutton318 Pacific Hwy, Belmont North138/1a Kalaroo Road, Lifestyle Villagers, Redhead13 Sunnybank Close BELMONT NORTH153 Glad Gunson Drive Eleebana2/175 Kings Road New Lambton15/3-5 Wallace Street Swansea15 Weiss Close Tingira Heights14 Cullen Street , BELMONT NORTH81 Cowlishaw Street Redhead53/81 Kalaroo Road, The Sanctuary, Redhead